March 2013 news

Hello Created Listeners,

During most of the month of March, Chris Birkhimer (our show writer/main host) will be on his honeymoon, so here’s how things are going to play out:

We’ll be releasing Part 2 of the Community episode the first week of March, then the second week we have a small highlight episode we recorded around when Episode 2 was created, then on the third week Luke Larris will probably get some people together (maybe) and record a highlight episode on something random. Chris might be back in time for the fourth week to record, but if not, Luke will record another short highlight episode.

  • March 6: Episode 8 Part 2
  • March 13: Episode 9: X-O Manowar Highlight
  • March 20: Episode 10: To be decided highlight episode
  • March 27: Unknown, possible highlight episode

If you have any highlight suggestions, don’t hesitate to tweet us at @createdlisten. We love show suggestions.

-The Created Listening bros