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Why there hasn’t been any episodes in a month

Hey listeners!

Apologies about the complete lack of episodes during the past month. Finding time to record has become increasingly difficult with the crew’s different schedules and the unavailability of a place to record, as well as some technical problems.

Rest assured though, we will be getting some more content up soon.


March 2013 news

Hello Created Listeners,

During most of the month of March, Chris Birkhimer (our show writer/main host) will be on his honeymoon, so here’s how things are going to play out:

We’ll be releasing Part 2 of the Community episode the first week of March, then the second week we have a small highlight episode we recorded around when Episode 2 was created, then on the third week Luke Larris will probably get some people together (maybe) and record a highlight episode on something random. Chris might be back in time for the fourth week to record, but if not, Luke will record another short highlight episode.

  • March 6: Episode 8 Part 2
  • March 13: Episode 9: X-O Manowar Highlight
  • March 20: Episode 10: To be decided highlight episode
  • March 27: Unknown, possible highlight episode

If you have any highlight suggestions, don’t hesitate to tweet us at @createdlisten. We love show suggestions.

-The Created Listening bros